If you publish your roadmap, one of two good things will happen: your stakeholders will be happy and you can go forward, or you will learn that you got it wrong and you can correct it.

If you tell your team member that she’s not doing part of her job, one of two good things will happen: she’ll agree and work with you to improve, or she will disagree and you’ll learn she’s unwilling to improve.

If you tell your cofounder that your vision is different from his, one of two good things will happen: he’ll move toward you and you’ll find a common way forward, or you’ll learn that you have really different goals.

If you ask your tech team to explain the return on investment of their rebuild, one of two good things will happen: you’ll understand their thinking and the value of what they’re doing, or you’ll learn that they don’t have a financial justification for their work.

Every one of these is drawn from work with my clients in the last week. Every one represents a real opportunity to learn and improve. But the people involved needed to take action first to create that opportunity.

Are you taking those opportunities? Why not? You have nothing to lose but your ignorance.

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