Private Consulting


Jeffrey and Squirrel are available to advise and coach your team and to drive your transformation and show your team how to use the power of conversations.

Printed Conversational Dojo Kit

10 GBP

Templates for 2- and 3-column conversational analyses and instructive exercises you can do to practise improving your conversations with a small group. Printed and shipped to you wherever you are.

Electronic Conversational Dojo Kit


Templates for 2- and 3-column conversational analyses and instructive exercises you can do to practise improving your conversations with a small group. Free digital download.

Agile Conversations - Signed Copy

Agile Conversations - Signed Copy

20 GBP

The book that started it all. Step by step instructions for transforming your culture by transforming your conversations. Signed by Jeffrey or Squirrel.

Transforming Conversations Audio Course

100 GBP

In this series of ten analyses, Jeffrey and Squirrel roleplay conversations that went wrong, then analyse them and demonstrate improvement. A digital download you can listen to anywhere. Under development; register interest and we’ll notify you when this product is ready.


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Introducing Agile Conversations

Introducing Agile Conversations

In our forthcoming book Agile Conversations, we argue that the main reason agile teams aren’t agile is that they forget to share valid information, have difficult conversations, and build relationships.


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Agile Training Is Not Enough

Your organisation is probably wasting most of what it spends on agile training. You need better conversations, not more rituals.

Kaizen Done Right and Wrong

Kaizen Done Right and Wrong

We discuss tech organisations effectively improving incrementally, and examples of those doing without learning.

When to Stop Talking

When to Stop Talking

We discuss what happens when you run out of difficult conversations and consensus isn't going to happen.

Shortcuts to Success?

Shortcuts to Success?

We reflect on Ken Kocienda's tweet about Apple designing the iPhone and what this tells us about improving our own delivery.

Learning to Love Inconsistent Data

Learning to Love Inconsistent Data

Squirrel claims data consistency is an inadequate excuse. We explore this position and ask why companies are obsessed with having a single source of truth.


When Squirrel began working with us, the engineering team was full of talented and committed developers who lacked leadership and confidence. He helped to transform them into an energised, highly-focused team who now deliver high-quality product better and faster than I could have imagined.

Author avatar Paul Joyce, Founder, Geckoboard

I met Jeffrey at an unconference earlier this year and decided that I wanted to spend more time learning from him. Picture Patrick Swayze’s Point Break character — a wise Buddha who has seen it all… except that this one teaches you how to improve your agile practices.

Author avatar Randy Silver, Product Consultant and host of The Product Experience Podcast

Squirrel’s impact in just a few days a week was tremendous - not just in engineering, but in product, the senior team, and across the whole company. You can bring him almost any problem and he’ll write it down in his little notebook, then come back with a thoughtful solution. He made a huge difference every day at

Author avatar Tal Oron, Founder,

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